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Are you looking for an experienced interior design company in Abu Dhabi to improve the aesthetics of your space? Look no further, as you are on the right page of Unique Interior Designs 

Our Main Services

We Are Interior Design Company in Abu Dhabi

Unique Interior Designs is a leading interior design company out of all the Interior Design Companies with an experienced team of Interior designer, quality craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art workshops in Abu Dhabi.

We deal in all kinds of residential to commercial spaces interior designs. We excel in providing exceptional services in sofa upholstery and repair, furniture upholstery and repair, sophisticated window blinds and curtains, Arabic Majilis, and many more.  


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About Interior Design Company in Abu Dhabi

Our Vision

The services our interior design company in Abu Dhabi is offering have a long list. We are mentioning some hot services in demand to give you an idea. These interior design services are,

Our Mission

Unique Interior Designs is an Abu Dhabi-based firm working all across the UAE. With our creative team of Interior designer Abu Dhabi and state-of-the-art workshops,

"Get Best Deals from Unique Interiors Designs"

we serve your ideas as a functionally aesthetic space. Our tailored approach to crafting a compelling space makes us the best out of all the interior design companies in Abu Dhabi.

Our Services

Sofa Upholstery

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Arabic Majlis interior​
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Window Blinds
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Sofa Repair
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Roller blind curtain
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Antique furniture Restore
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Experience the magic of Interiokit. Contact us to discuss your project.

We have served hundreds of aesthetically pleasing spaces while sprinkling our client’s personal touch to their spaces.

Our decade of experience providing unique projects to the diverse client section of Abu Dhabi pushes us to help the rest of the UAE get their dream residential or commercial space. 

Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

The sofa is an essential part of any living space, and its design has a strong impression of your personality on people. We offer upholstery services of sofa upholstery for your sofabed Abu Dhabi.
Now, there is no need to search for phrases on the internet like sofa upholstery near me, cushion upholstery near me, or the upholstery shop near me, as you have unique interior designs in Abu Dhabi. We cover every aspect of upholstery, furniture upholstery, and lounge upholstery.

Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Sofa Repair Abu Dhabi

Sofa Repair Abu Dhabi

In our sofa repair Abu Dhabi service section, we offer sofa repair services to the multicultural people of Abu Dhabi. We also provide sofa fixer services. If you ever don’t want to throw away your ruptured old sofa and want to live with that one in your new space. Contact us.

 We will turn your older sofa into a new one with our sofa upholstery Abu Dhabi services. We can turn your old fabric sofa into a leather sofa in UAE and give you another experience.

Don’t tag the sofa for sale in Abu Dhabi while you can search for sofa repair costs in UAE. Window Blinds Abu Dhabi 

Roller Blinds Abu Dhabi

Roller blind curtain

Roller blinds are quite popular in residential and commercial spaces of Abu Dhabi due to their versatility and simplicity. We offer roller blinds with spring, chain, or motorized rolling system. To help you increase the aesthetics of your space, our roller curtain blinds are the right choice to make a purchase.

We offer our roller blinds in different categories,

  • Kitchen Roller Blinds
  • Room Roller Blinds
  • Lounge Roller Blinds
  • Office Roller Blinds

Buy roller blinds online and experience the fresh ambiance of your living space.

Window Blinds Abu Dhabi

Window blinds and curtains are a necessity of any living space, and to help you with the case, we offer window blinds and curtains in different designs and shades.

Our window blind curtains are creative designs of our designer, manufactured with high-quality fabric, and give a pleasing look to your space. Our Interior designer Abu Dhabi will decide the best fit of window blind curtains for your living space, including the master bedroom, lounge, or office window blinds and curtains.

Don’t look for curtain shops in Abu Dhabi, and contact us to take the hassle off your shoulders by giving you the best blind curtains. 

Window Blinds Abu Dhabi

Headboards Abu Dhabi

A bed without a headboard is a mattress. Headboards add a touch of modesty to our room. We understand the importance of headboards in any room, and we offer,

  • Long Headboard Bed
  • Small Double Headboard
  • Bed Upholstery Headboard
  • Wooden Headboard Abu Dhabi

From traditional to modern headboards, Unique Interior Designs offers all. A single headboard can turn the picture of your room at 90 angle.

We will shape your headboard from your idea and in the shade of your dream. Our Interior designer Abu Dhabi will cut your headboard, paint it in the best shades, and implant it in your bedroom.

Headboards in Abu Dhabi are in high demand. You can get your favorite from Unique Interior Designs.

Headboards Abu Dhabi​

Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi

Arabic Majlis

Traditional living room sitting is quite popular in Abu Dhabi. People love to relax and socialize in Arabic Majilis Abu Dhabi.

With floor seating, luxurious fabric sofas, customized calligraphy patterns, the central focus of attraction, and symbolic elements, the Arabic Majlis design is in high demand.

We offer our Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi services with modern Majlis sofas, Majlis furniture, majlis sets, and Arabic Majlis design services in Abu Dhabi. 

Furniture Polish Abu Dhabi

At Unique Interior Designs, we offer furniture polish services in Abu Dhabi. Contact us to reshape your furniture by getting our furniture polish Abu Dhabi services.

Apart from our bespoke furniture fixer and painting services, we also offer good-looking layout implantation services to your space’s walls that can improve your living space aesthetics. 

Our interior design company in Abu Dhabi provides complete turn-key interior design solutions to the multicultural people of Abu Dhabi with prior consultations. 

Furniture Polish Abu Dhabi

Client Feedback & Reviews

Interior Design Company in Abu Dhabi i in 4 Steps

Give Us Your Idea

Upon having a call with our interior design company in Abu Dhabi, our head designer will take all the necessary information from you and ask you to wait for their call. After done with that, our team will select the top three best fits for your project and give you a call to communicate.


In the next step, our team will plan a meeting with our selected designers and ask you to choose the best fit for your project. 

Once you decide you want to go with, you both are allowed to discuss the details. In this open communication round, we have a clear idea of all the human, technical, practical, and creative skills involved in executing the project.

Reshape Your Idea

Our then-selected Interior designer Abu Dhabi will draw a road map and the equipment needed with the details of fabrics, layout, furniture, curtains, and designs. Upon receiving your approval, our team will arrange all the equipment for your project.

Live In Your Idea

In the last step, we take creative direction and guide all the implementing parties involved in the project. We take care of each aspect of interior design and often collaborate with the top designers of the UAE to give you the personal touch.

Once completed, you are all set to live in your dream space from the idea to the sketch and from the paper to the reality.Contact the best interior design company in Abu Dhabi and get the best packages now!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Interior design is an art where Interior designer utilize their creative abilities and science to improve the aesthetics of your space while increasing its functionality and adding your personal touch to it. It includes sofa or furniture upholstery or painting services, changing your space layout by adding window curtains, roller blinds, or headboards, and any other service you may need.

Interior design is an umbrella term. There are many variables one has to consider before starting the project. The interior design cost depends on the type of project and the details the client needs. Apart from the furniture and accessories, the average interior design cost in Abu Dhabi is 25-50 dirhams per square meter.

To know more, feel free to contact us with your itinerary and have an estimate of your project.

Unique Interior Designs is an interior design Abu Dhabi-based company famous for its cheap interior design packages and customer-centric approach. Their attention to detail and tailored approach make them the best fit for the job.

Yes, Interior design companies in Abu Dhabi are in high demand these days, making interior design a hot service in the UAE.

We at Unique Interior Designs offer unique solutions to your unique design problems. We cover almost every aspect of interior design services. Our services section offers sofa upholstery, hardboard implementation, and furniture repair or paint.

For more details on our cheap interior design services, please have a look at our services section.

Yes, we do. There are multiple variables and details in every aspect of interior design. We customize every project to our client's personality. In case your budget is low, you may have to compromise on the quality in the long run.

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