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chair upholstery Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Unique Interior Design’s Chair Upholstery Service page!

We offer chair upholstery repair services in Abu Dhabi to help anyone struggling with any chair-related problem. The chair could be of any type, design, and metal. We are experienced in providing unparalleled quality chair repair and upholstery service at the most affordable rates all across Abu Dhabi. We have a skilled team of designers, craftsmen, and technicians to take every call of repair as the final call. The fabric we use is of high quality, durable, and in multiple shades and textures.

Want to upholster or reupholster your living room, office, or dining room chairs and look for a good name in the market? Send an inquiry or call Unique Interior Designs and get your problem fixed right away.

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Types of Chair Upholstery

We excel in chair upholstery all across Abu Dhabi. The kind of chairs we deal with include:

  • Office Chairs
  • Living Room Chairs
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Study Chairs

We have unlimited covering materials to choose from for your chair’s final look.  We have fabrics and leather of different shades and our clients decide the shade and type of fabric whether plain or textured based on their style, taste, space ambiance, and use of the chair. The office chair fabric upholstery is different from the upholstery fabric from the dining room chairs. Mostly leather is recommended for office chairs and the fabric whether plain or textured for the home kind space.

Process Of Chair Upholstery at Unique Interior Designs

The procedure of booking and getting your chair upholstery or reupholstering your chair is simple. After booking a consultation call with our designer or getting a quote on a video call, our designer will give you ideas on what kind of fabric you should go with and what not. Then you will tell your preferences and choose the fabric that meticulously goes with your space. After that, our skilled technicians precisely cut, stitch, and secure the fabric. The result is a revitalized chair with a fine look that integrates with the decor of your space.

Contact Unique Interior Designs For Your Next Chair Upholstery

At Unique Interior Design we understand the importance of chairs in any living space. Our skilled designers meticulously choose the fabric that goes with your chair’s layout, your space aesthetics, and your style. To ensure durability we use high-quality fabric and padding while upholstering. We offer both chairs upholstery and repair services at our company. We deal with commercial and noncommercial furniture. If you are facing any problem with your living room, dining room, or office chair, consult us and get it repaired in no time.

Contact Unique Interior Design for your next chair repair or upholstery service in Abu Dhabi and get it fixed!

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